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Small Groups

We place a very high value on small groups. A great need for people in this busy world is to have meaningful relationships, to know others and to be known. This is hard to accomplish just on Sundays, so we encourage everyone to join a group.

(monday night coffee)
Are you 17 to 30-something?
Do you drink coffee?
Looking for a place to hang?
Need someone to talk to?
How about some prayer?
Are you into worship?
Join us on Monday nights at 7:00pm.
It's real kicked back.

Oh, and by the way
bring a friend!

On the first Saturday of every month we join a number of local Vineyard churches for ManChurch! It is church the way men want it. We get food - not wimpie food, but an awesome Mexican breakfast, rock and roll worship music and a man's sermon on living God's way.

Alpha Course
The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith. It's designed for people seeking to know more of what Christians believe. It answers questions such as: Why did Jesus die? What happens when we die? Who is the Holy Spirit? Is forgiveness possible? How should we live our lives?

This course is excellent for seekers, new believers or those wanting to touch up on the basics of Christianity.

Adult Ministries
During the year we have several different opportunities for spiritual growth and training, in the form of classes or courses. Network, which is designed to help people find their place of involvement in the church, is just one of several that are offered. Other courses are designed to meet specific needs in our lives or provide training in a variety of ministry areas.