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Twin Dragons

Rated PG-13
Starring: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Teddy Robin Kwan & Nina Li Chi

CineSight Rating ** 1/2

If you've watched any of his movies (prior to the recent Hollywood offerings) then you already know that it isn't story which makes a Jackie Chan movie - it is action. The story is little more than a device to set up the blazing action scenes.

TWIN DRAGONS (actually made back in 1992, but only now released in the U.S.) begins with identical twins who are separated at birth. One grows up to become a famous classical conductor, the other a street-smart garage mechanic (and both played by Jackie Chan).

It seems that Jackie the mechanic has a knack for getting into trouble, especially with the Hong Kong mob, who spend most of the film chasing him. Unfortunately, in the middle of the fracas, Jackie the conductor arrives in town for a concert, and the inevitable confusion of identities begins.

This set-up is ideal for Chan's comedic talents, as well as his martial arts abilities. The choreography of the finale, in a car crash testing facility, is handled with beautiful precision.

On the down side, the visual effects involving two Chans on-screen leave something to be desired. But the biggest disappointment was the lack of outtakes at the end of the movie (usually Jackie Chan movies include outtakes of failed stunts during the closing credits).

NOTE: Look out for a cameo by director John Woo as the priest in the wedding scene!